Are Braves Entering Crucial Stretch?

Are the Nationals ready to make a run?

Are the Nationals ready to make a push?

No one will dispute that the Atlanta Braves have had a really good start to the year.  They are first in the NL East and have one of the better records in baseball.  They are also the only team in their division with a positive run differential.  I still have one big concern though, that continues to bug me.

Have the Braves done enough?  What I mean by that is have they given themselves enough of a lead in the division for when Washington makes their run.  There is a chance that the Nats never do make a push for this division but in my opinion that is a very small chance.

I expect Washington to have a long stretch where they play some really good baseball and win a bunch of games.  Harper is close to returning and it seems like all the pieces are starting to fall into place for them.  If I am right, that stretch could be horrifying for Braves fans.

That is why I think it is imperative for the Braves to play really well from now until July 10th.  During that time Atlanta will play Miami six times, Philly three times, and good Arizona team starting Friday in a three game set.  If the Bravos can win every one of those series and hopefully sweep Miami in one of those series then you would think this division lead would expand.

It wouldn’t hurt during this time for Uggla to get on a hot streak, or any one of the Braves struggling bats.  I know predicting the game of baseball can make you look really silly at times, but I am starting to feel like we are messing with the law of averages.

Can a Washington team with all this talent remain at just a game over .500?  I wouldn’t bet on it, not after the year that this team had last year.

That is why the Braves need to continue to try and make the most of the Nationals struggles in any way possible.  Because I believe those struggles aren’t going to continue for much longer.

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