Atlanta Braves Tickets Very Affordable

Braves Tickets

The Braves have ticket packages to fit most budgets

Was looking at the Braves’ ticket packages yesterday, and am astounded at how affordable it can be to attend a Braves game.  For instance, you can get an Upper Pavilion season ticket for just $385.  That is only $4.74 per game! Where can you get high-caliber entertainment for less than $5?

Going to a first run movie will cost in the $7 to $10 range, and high school basketball and football games will cost you $5+. Granted, the $4.74 per game seats are what you would term “nosebleed.”  But for those fans who like to sit in the Chop House and have refreshments, or walk around during the game, this price range works great.

One thing you see nowadays with major league baseball pricing, that you never used to see, is quantity discounts.  Used to be that if a ticket was $10 per game, and you bought a season ticket package, it cost you $810.

With the Braves season ticket packages, the discounts range from 19% off the gate price, to 66% off the Upper Boxes. Parking can be a little pricey, but if you get a season package and get to know people at the games, you can usually find opportunities and ideas where you can park your vehicle at a reasonable rate.  It is like being at a tourist location and finding great places to go, off the beaten path, from the locals.

There’s also 5-game, 10-game and group packages with discounted rates that can work in most budgets.  You can find complete information on Braves tickets at: Braves Ticket Packages 

See you at the games!

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