Atlanta Seeking Braves Replacement Team?

Atlanta’s alternative newspaper, Creative Loafing, has rehashed a story from the AJC that reports an Atlanta ad executive is seeking to bring an American League team to Atlanta. Evidently there is more than a little bitterness inside 285 over the Braves moving to Cobb County in 2017.

Mike McDonald is the ad executive whose pipe dream is to bring major league baseball back to Turner Field. Considering that it has been tough enough for the successful Braves to sell tickets in the Atlanta market, McDonald may not only be having a pipe dream, he could be experiencing drinking fantasies.

McDonald apparently wants to call the team, the “Atlanta Surge” and the new team’s slogan would be, “Let’s Turner Lemon into Lemonade.”  Does it get much sillier than that?

Fulton County Commissioner Rob Pitts has been quoted by Creative Loafing as saying that McDonald’s fantasy is, “a magnificent idea,” and “that’s a start!”

You can read the Creative Loafing story at:    New Atlanta Team

Rather than bringing another major league baseball team into the city, my suggestion to Atlanta is to focus on what it  does best and open more strip clubs.

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  1. NorthAlabamaGM says:

    those comments are silly … but … Oakland or Tampa could easily move to Atlanta, and maybe put one of their minor league teams back in Huntsville, AL. Would provide the Braves a “real” interleague rival:) Would also provide the few AL fans down south a team they could go see their Yankees or Red Sox play more often.

  2. BravesBeliever says:

    Hilarious! Absolutely hilarious. I give the guy A for creativity, A for enthusiasm but F for both baseball and business knowledge! Stick to what you do- creativity with enthusiasm, i.e., what the ad industry does best, mad man.
    But, let the adults deal with baseball and our Braves, dude!

    • Believer, do you think he will bring an NFL team to the Georgia Dome after securing an AL team for Turner!?!?! ROFL!!

      • BravesBeliever says:

        Oh, no doubt. He’ll call them the Georgia Geodesics and who will play in a brand new Geodesic Dome Pavilion right next to his Turner Field AL team in the old Fulton County Stadium Braves space which he will speak to into existence by the mere expression of his powerful sports business acumen! Wait….that may make them the Fulton Fulcrums! What a capital idea!

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