Braves Alex Wood Makes Major League Debut

Alex Wood Braves pitcher

Alex Wood made his major league debut Thursday night against Toronto at Turner Field

Atlanta Braves left-handed pitcher Alex Wood made his major league debut Thursday night at Turner Field against the Toronto Blue Jays.  Wood came into the game to start the ninth inning with the Braves up 11-3.  Wood gave up no runs on 1 hit and induced a ground ball double play to end the game.

Alex Wood still had the adrenaline flowing as he spoke to the media after the game.

Q. How did it feel tonight?

Alex Wood:  It felt pretty awesome, especially to get that double play to end the game right there.  Wasn’t real sure I was going to get in there, it was a close game for a while and then the bats came alive and we ended up scoring a bunch of runs.  I was fortunate enough to get in there at the end.  It was pretty special when I walked out there and I heard some dawgs fans barking and everybody was cheering.  It was pretty neat, for sure.

Q. This time last year you were clearing your dorm room out, your thoughts.

Alex Wood:  It doesn’t seem real yet, it hasn’t really sunk in yet.  Especially after going out there and pitching.  But I’ll wake up tomorrow and we’ll do it all over again.  It will probably sink in a little bit tomorrow.  I’ll try and get some sleep tonight after a long last 24 hours.  I’m definitely excited to get back out there again.  It is definitely a relief to have that first one under my belt.

Q.  Fredi said he was glad to get you out there tonight rather than have you sit around and think about it.  You feel the same way?

Alex Wood:  Yeah, I was itching down there for a little while.  I started stretching  and getting warm down there and then it got to be a tie ballgame  and then we scored two and it was probably a little too close.  Especially when you’re leading the division right now to throw me out there for my first time.  I was definitely glad we scored some runs.  It was a great moment tonight and I’m happy to have it under my belt.

Q.  Your mom seemed to be excited tonight.

Alex Wood:  Yeah, I knew that was probably coming, they were already talking about it.  She probably halfway held it, together, too, which is probably the bad thing.  I was happy that they were here to be a part of this along with a lot of my other friends who were coming down and saying “hey” to me to me in the bullpen during the game.  It was definitely a great night.

Q.  How many times have you been in the stands here before, and did you kind of think about that?

Alex Wood:  Yeah, I’ve been here a bunch, countless times.  Especially in college I’ve been to a few sorority date nights here and stuff like that in college.  Just talking out there for BP and having the view from on the field looking at the stands instead of from the stands looking down on the field was just unbelievable.  I was talking about it to Jordan Walden most of BP and there is just nothing like it.  I wish everybody could experience what I did tonight at some point in their lives.  It was pretty amazing.

Q.  Was it just a giant adrenaline rush?

Alex Wood:  You know it wasn’t as much of an adrenaline rush as I thought it was going to be.  I felt calm like I normally am.  I was surprised, I thought I was going to be a little out of sorts but my stuff was pretty good tonight and I hopefully can get back out there soon against the Nationals and help us take a couple games from them.

Q.  You have been starting, how is it for you to come out of the bullpen?

Alex Wood:  You know, it is fun.  Whenever you are starting I don’t think it really matters where you are when you are starting, you have done it for so long you don’t really get that big adrenaline rush.  I’m sure it becomes the same way to a certain extent out of the bullpen and in relief but right now I’m probably going to be able to ride that adrenaline for a little while, especially up here.  Throwing out of the pen for the first time ever it is definitely exciting and I’m just learning and talking to those guys about what they do when they get done throwing their inning or two.  I’m starting to get a grasp on that and we’ll see where it takes me.