Braves Baseball Begins Anew

Atlanta BravesBraves baseball starts today and isn’t it great that a new season is here.  Mother Nature may still be stingy with springtime weather, but she can’t hold back the start of Braves baseball.  It is here and ain’t it great!

What I love about baseball is that once it starts, it is with us every day…

The next six and a half months baseball will always be here to wrap its arms around us and comfort us when we are down, help pass the time when we are bored, provide interesting conversation and debate, give us hours and hours of enjoyment watching games and reading about them on the internet, and most of all sharing games with our family and friends.

Where basketball is frenetic and football is split second, baseball is slow and relaxing.  You can read the paper during the game, or have a conversation, or be in the kitchen making something to eat and when a big play happens not miss the real-time action.  When the crowd noise erupts or the announcer alerts, all you have to do is look up, or flash your 4.5 speed to get in front of the TV as the play continues to unfold.

So good luck to the Braves this season and let the games begin!

  • Wayne Canon

    Well said, Mr. Hart…
    I have been a Braves fan since they moved to Atlanta. (Before that, my dad and I were Cardinals fans because that was the only games we could pick up on the radio) I was a Braves fan in the lean years when we were almost mathematically eliminated by the All-Star game. I also was able to vicariously revel in the glory of winning 14 consecutive division titles.
    In most of the previous years, I had a pretty good idea of what kind of season we should have. You know when it was going to be a long season and when there was a realistic shot of getting to the world series.
    This year, I don’t have a clue.There seems to be a lot of moving parts that could break either way. If enough of the parts break our way, we could have a real good season, if they break the other way… will be a very long season indeed.
    Either way, I’ll be there pulling for ’em.

    • Wayne, I agree with you about predicting this year. It will make for an exciting season. The saving grace may be the weak NL East. I’m hoping all the talented young players that the Braves have assembled will take a big step forward, or maybe even two and that will be the difference. Of course if Uggla and B.J. can approach their career averages that would be big.

      • Wayne Canon

        I’m with you there. The Braves have an uncanny habit of having “no-names” rise up to spectacular success.
        They have everybody thinking, if not saying aloud, “Who the hell is that guy and where has he been??”