Braves Fans Don’t Look Back

Nationals Starter Gio Gonzalez

The Nationals have won 7 in a row

Atlanta Braves fans have smirked and laughed all season at the cocky Washington Nationals’ problems.  The Nationals were the odds on favorite to win the National League East, but struggled to stay above .500 most of the season.

Wait until next year for the Nationals, right?

Well, not exactly.  The Nationals have won seven in a row and 18 of their last 22 games, to climb within 4 games of the last NL wildcard spot.  They have even whittled the Braves lead down to 10 games.

The Braves’ magic number to win the National League East is six games,with 15 games to go.  So barring an all-time collapse, the Braves will hold off the Nationals to win the division.

But what if the Nationals do get into the playoffs?  Is that a team the Braves want to face?  The way these two teams don’t like each other, it would make for a great series.  The folks in the Braves ticket office would sure love it, as ticket demand would be high.

The Braves and Nationals will play three games in the coming week in Washington, so the Braves will have the chance to put a few major nails in the Nationals’ coffin.  Atlanta will also have the opportunity to clinch the NL East in Washington, and wouldn’t that be sweet?

  • Bronkelliott

    Braves need to worry about themselves right now. Their hitting has been awful and pitching average at best. No more smoke and mirrors for this team. They need to find a team leader and play better baseball! Washington is desperate and pulling together at the right time. How long it will last is not known. What is known is that Braves fans know that Freddi Gonzales is not a proven playoff manager and does not have the sharpness of a Larussa or other good postseason manager. They will have to scratch and claw the rest of the way to overcome injuries and awfulness from B.J and Uglla. They still have time to gain some confidence and a few more come from behind wins might do it.

  • rogerheld

    I guess it is really time to question the managing. The choice to use Kameron Loe before and last night to leave Ayala in after the first single were awful – both had me yelling at the computer screen in advance of the disasters. There was really no reason not to let Hale go out for the 6th at 87 pitches. I really do think that poor management of the pitching staff has been part of the Braves’ problems for the last three years (note: McDowell has done a great job with the pitchers but Freddi has not used them well). With Bobby, they surged every year in September. With Freddi, they’ve nose-dived every year in September. If they were really desperate that they had to leave Ayala in to load the bases with no one out knowing you were later going to use two pitchers less than 100% (Downs/Walden), why not use your expanded roster slots to load the bullpen with another arm???
    And truly, the strikeouts are coming home to roost. Gattis’ KO with first and second and no one out is typical of how they continue to squander opportunities. And Gattis is currently the second most valuable active position player behind Freeman.

  • Al

    J. Upton is hitting .200 since April and 10 days in Aug. this is what FW gave us. Keeping Uggli and his whining and BJ is killing the team. All the money FW spent on this team will produce a similar record to 2012. That is atrocious GMing. What a waste of talent. We should have ended the season with around 102 wins

  • rogerheld

    And tonight, the Bad News Braves were back in losing 4-0 to the Padres.