Braves Haven’t Peaked Yet

Atlanta Braves

The Braves have the largest division lead in baseball

The Atlanta Braves have opened up a substantial lead in the National League East, yet there is the feeling that the Braves are not a formidable team.  A big reason for that is the NL East itself.  The Braves are the only team in the division with a record above .500.

The Braves also have only the 3rd best record in the National League and the Dodgers are the hottest team in baseball, led by their rookie sensation, Yasiel Puig.

Yet, I feel like the aforementioned are good things, and not bad. The Braves have yet to peak this season and I don’t think they will until everybody gets healthy and clicking.

The Braves have played very good baseball, but I think there is another gear, maybe two. And I think we will see them in September and October when it really counts.

Do I have any empirical data or fancy stats to back up this opinion? No, just a hunch.


  • Bob Long

    I sincerely hope you are right. In fact, recent evidence supports you.
    Heyward is heating up,
    Simmoms has 3 consecutive hits with 2 out and RISP,
    Uggla is improving (albeit slowly),
    B Mac is swinging a hot bat,
    Freeman is Freeman,
    C Johnson appears headed for a batting title,
    Teheran and Minor have found another gear, and Joey T is making abid for playing time.
    If everything starts to click in September, we could be hoping for another WS appearance!

  • Wayne Canon

    You do have some empirical data….the first half of the season. The injuries to the pitching staff would have destroyed most teams, and has done considerable damage to the Braves. The Upton trade is beginning to smell a lot like the Derek Lowe trade. It seems like the Braves Nation, myself included, has been waiting for the Braves to “start clicking” since May.
    The ’empirical data’ is that the Braves have played about .500 ball since that red-hot start. The saving grace is that the other teams in the division have also, so we have been riding that early season lead.
    I do hope to hear the loud, crisp sound of ‘clicking’ any day now.