Braves Minor League All-Star David Rohm Q&A

Rohm made the Carolina League All-Star team this season

Rohm made the Carolina League All-Star team this season

David Rohm was a 9th Round pick of the Atlanta Braves in the 2010 draft. After signing with the Braves, Rohm played 1 season for (R) Danville, and 1 Season at (A) Rome.  He is in his 2nd full season with (Adv. A) Lynchburg. says Rohm was a big part of last year’s Carolina League Championship for the Hillcats. Rohm has been great for the Hillcats this season, batting .290 Avg, 1 HR, and 21 RBI’s.  Rohm is not a top prospect (according to in the Braves organization, but is making a name for himself with his play this season.

This past week, David was named to the Carolina League All-Star team.  His Lynchburg teammate, Robby Hefflinger was also named to the team. They will take on the All-Star’s from the California League in the Advanced Class A All-Star Game.

David, thanks for agreeing to answer a few questions for Atlanta Bullpen.  I hope that you enjoyed this Q & A.  Hopefully, we will be able to do this again with another Braves minor leaguer.

Q: Congratulations on being named a Carolina League All-Star. Can you explain what kind of honor it is to be named to the All-Star team?

David Rohm:  Being named an all-star was one of my main goals from the start of the season. I am extremely blessed to represent the Braves in the all-star game.

Q: I know that the baseball season can be a tough physical road. What is your motivation to go out and give 110% every day?

David Rohm:  I get motivation from my friends and family members back at home. They are always watching and rooting me for me from the west coast.

Q: This past week was the MLB 1st year player draft. I know that you were selected in the 9th Round by the Braves in 2010. Can you just explain your draft experience and what kind of emotions you felt that day?

David Rohm:  Draft day was tough. There were so many questions that day that do not seem to get answered. I don’t think there has been a time in my life where I was so anxious.

Q: We always hear a lot about players modeling their game after a certain player/former player. Is there anyone you model your game after? And why?

David Rohm:  There is really not just one particular player that I model my game after. I take things from good players that I enjoy watching and try to model my game after theirs.

Q: What are some of your goals as a player, and as a player in the Atlanta Braves organization?

David Rohm:  Well the main goal has to be to make it to the major league. It is what makes the minor league grind worth it in the end. They always say that you have to make the sacrifice but in the end it is worth every minute.

Q: It’s no secret that Atlanta’s farm system has always been known as one of the best in baseball, as they have developed a good number of great talents over the years. You have played in Danville, Rome, and Lynchburg, so what has your experience been like so far in the Braves Minor League system?

David Rohm:  The Braves minor league system is awesome. I know I don’t really have much to compare too but I know that everyone in the system is rooting for us. Every coach is doing everything in their power, giving you all the knowledge you can take in. They try to help you become the best player you can be.

David, thanks again for taking the time to answer a few question for us. I hope that we can do this again someday. Good luck to you and the rest of your Lynchburg Hillcats as you chase your dreams, and the Carolina League Championship.