Braves Opening Day Festivities Announced

Aaron Milwaukee BrewersThe Atlanta Braves home opener on April 8 will give fans the opportunity to honor Braves great, Hank Aaron.  A pregame ceremony will commemorate Aaron’s April 8, 1974 home run that broke Babe Ruth’s 714 career home run record.

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Fans have been asked by the Braves to arrive at the game by 6:30 p.m. so they don’t miss any of the festivities.  Many special guests are expected and the Braves promise there will be “surprises.”  

After the season-ending elbow injuries to Medlen and Beachy, Braves fans stomachs probably tighten up when they hear “surprises” and “Braves” in the same sentence.

Kristian Bush, half of Sugarland, will be performing a concert before the game in the Fan Plaza and will also sing the National Anthem.  Just a guess, but I think we can assume that Timothy Miller will be there in the seventh inning to once again belt out “God Bless America.”

Quick reflection on Hank Aaron…

Hank Aaron was my hero growing up in Milwaukee.  I wore number 44 during my high school athletic career ’cause of Aaron.  With all Hank’s great accomplishments on the field, what I remember most is when he returned to Milwaukee as a Brewer in 1974.

I arrived early at Milwaukee County Stadium on Opening Day that season to help welcome Hank back.  While walking on the course, I was passed by Aaron and two security guards…and Aaron’s pack of cigarettes in his front pocket.  No one will ever accuse cigarettes of enhancing an athlete’s performance.

The first 45,000 fans to enter the stadium will receiver a Hank Aaron commemorative poster, compliments of Sun Trust.

  • Wayne Canon

    I’m with you 110% on Hammerin’ Hank!
    Atlanta’s current stadium should have been named after Aaron instead of some luney-toons.
    As a point of speculation–
    What do you think Aarons salary would be if there was a free agent system like today. Say he became a free agent in ’67 after a ’66 season when he hit 44 hr, 127 RBI’s and scored 113 runs. PLUS–his hitting overshadowed his defense..but he was a great fielder. I don’t know the answer to the salary question…but I would love to be his agent!

    • Great point on naming the stadium after Aaron, Wayne! Maybe the new stadium they will get it right! Or will it be Ty Cobb Stadium.. :)

      • Wayne Canon

        I think with the current economic trends of having corporations buying the rights to have a stadium named after some company, the new stadium will probably be named something like “Proctor & Gamble Park”. I just hope it doesn’t end up being named something like “Frosted Flakes Field”. Arghhhh…..

        • You are right, Wayne. The stadium name will be sold. What was I thinking? Why honor the greatest player in franchise history when there’s money to be made?

  • Morris Gavant

    My favorite #AtlantaBrave of all time. Can’t believe it’s been 40 years since #Hammerin’Hank broke the record. My true #homerunking. Just a #flickofthewrists and it was gone!

    • Where did the years go, Morris? I think they said Hank built up his tremendous forearm and wrist power as a kid helping his dad deliver chunks of ice with tongs. What a player!

    • The said that Hank got the power in his forearms and wrists from carrying blocks of ice with tongs as a kid while helping his dad. Kids nowadays get the whatever strength they have got in their wrists and forearms from playing video games.

      • Morris Gavant

        In particular, I remember sitting in the right field third base side in late 1973 season for one of the last home runs of that season probably 711 or 712. “Just” another line drive straight out of the park.

        • Bet you remember it like yesterday. Morris, the first baseball game I ever went to was 1965, Braves vs Phillies at Milwaukee County Stadium. Aaron hit a ball towards dead left field that started hooking halfway out and clanged off the foul pole for a home run. I don’t ever remember seeing a ball that hooked that much since. Hank could put some serious top hand into his swings!!