Braves Overcome Two Challenges

Braves left fielderThe Braves came from behind in all three games against the Dodgers this past weekend, including Saturday and Sunday when they took the lead both games in the eighth inning.  Major contributions from bench players was a real key.

Braves outfielder Justin Upton offered his thoughts on why the Braves have been converting late game situations, “I think the feeling goes back to the dugout,” Upton said.  “The entire game there’s not any panic.  Everybody is nice and relaxed waiting for their chance.  You look around the dugout and you don’t see panic and I think it makes you more comfortable in those situations.”

Lot of new faces this season on the Braves team, but it seems that they are gaining confidence together, and fighting to the last out.  According to Upton they are rising to the challenge and dialing in at the end.

“We’re confident in our ball club.  We know that at any time we can string together some hits.  We know that throughout the game it may not look good, but we’re trying to put together good at bats.  Late in the game the energy ramps up a little bit and we start to put together better at bats,” Upton said.

Overcoming the Dodgers wasn’t the only challenge Sunday.  Mother Nature served up two rain delays, but according to Chris Johnson, who came off the bench in the eight inning to stroke a key hit, the Braves were up to both challenges.

“It’s good, our team doesn’t die, we don’t fall out of it,” Johnson said.  “It was a tough game to stay involved in with the rain and the delays.  It shows our maturity and we know the game is not over until it is over.”