Braves Pitching Still Leads Team

Braves Pitching

Pitching is still the Braves strength

The Braves are off to a fast 8-1 start and their newly found power is what everyone is seemingly talking about.  Atlanta is tied for the National League lead in homers and some of their biggest power hitters have yet to flex their muscles.

Justin Upton leads the majors with six home runs and Evan Gattis is hitting Paul Bunyan type blasts.  Third baseman, Juan Francisco, hit a blast the other night in Miami that may have dented the upper deck.

But despite the power display, the Braves are only seventh in the National League in runs scored.  Not much improvement over last season when they were middle of the pack.

Defensively Atlanta has been solid, if not great.  The Braves are sixth in the National League with only five errors committed.  What doesn’t show up in the cumulative stats is that they have made a lot of clutch plays late in games that have preserved wins.

What has carried the Braves so far to the 8-1 record this season is their old stand-by, pitching.  The Braves lead the majors with a sparkling 1.89 ERA.  Both starting pitching and the bullpen have been highly effective.

To borrow an old real estate phrase, the three most important aspects of baseball are still pitching, pitching and pitching.  Power sells tickets, pitching wins games.

  • Bob Long

    Braves pitchers have been underrated for years, but that’s easy to explain when they are compared to the gold standards of Glavine, Maddux and Smoltz.
    Unfortunately, most media members believe that a pitcher must throw 95+ mph to be a number one starter (Strasburg, Kershaw, et al.), but seem to forget that pitchers such as Medlen, Hudson and the like are very effective and successful. Maddux never threw a 95 mph pitch in his life and, I’m betting, that if he were pitching today, he wouldn’t be considered a number one pitcher, even though he’s going to the hall of fame.
    Times and expectations change, but good pitching beats good hitting. Too bad that today’s media doesn’t recognise that good pitching is about more than velocity.