Could Braves Post Season Resemble Falcons Exhibition?

Do you have your Braves playoff tickets yet?

Do you have your Braves playoff tickets yet?

Looking at tickets available for the Atlanta Braves first round playoff games, it is astounding how many are still available.  I would say that there are 15,000 tickets per game still awaiting purchase.

Unless there is a significant amount of tickets purchased between now and when they call “play ball”, the Braves NLDS games could resemble Falcon exhibition games.

To say that demand is not high for the NLDS would be an understatement.  So why are Atlanta Braves fans keeping their wallets in their pockets and not buying into this year’s team?

Or have playoff ticket prices gotten so high that they are priced beyond many fans’ budgets?

Major league baseball requires that season ticket holders buy the “entire playoffs”.  That means that they had to pre-buy all the games through the World Series.  That is a very hefty down stroke for your average fan to pay,  up to several thousand dollars for some seats.

When you take marketing 101 in college, they teach a simple concept called “supply and demand”.  Supply and demand are the determinant on what you can charge for your product.  At some point if you price your product outside what customers think it is worth, your demand starts dropping considerably.

Has major league baseball priced playoff tickets beyond demand?

  • Bronkelliott

    Do you think the product on the field this year is that good? The way they are playing down the stretch is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of the fans. This is an uninspired team that puts more attention on antics than production. The only 3 players I am enjoying this year is Freeman, Kimbrel and Simmons. They need some fire somewhere to get people to believe they will even compete in the first round of the playoffs. If they put Uggla and BJ on the post season roster it will cause even more of an uproar. Right now all across the sports world this team is being looked at like a bad joke. 17 shutouts for a first place team? 2 starters hitting .180. Hmmm tickets for sale?

    • Lee

      I totally agree with Bronk. If what happened with Gomez wasn’t enough to fire them up, nothing will. They have currently lost the best record in the NL, and home field advantage. They have 4 games to turn this slump around, and be the team that got them to the playoffs. The odds are not in their favor, hence the bad ticket sales. However, I still believe in miracles.

  • dan harvey

    It would be a shame if the playoffs do not sell out. What could be better than Braves baseball in October. In addition to the three guys Bronk mentioned we also have had the pleasure of watching a guy who was not even an everyday starter at season’s start who is competing for a batting title. McCann has been McCann and that is a very good thing. Cannot think of anyone, including Freeman, that I would rather put up to bat than McCann if all the marbles depended on that one at bat. I love Heyward, too. He has been totally selling out in the field since he got to the bigs and has had injuries every year as a result. The guy is just a great player, teammate, and man. Give him an injury free year and it will be a great one. The starting pitching has been real good all year. Medlin is a true bulldog. I like him in the playoffs this year. Here is hoping for a good final weekend and home field throughout, but even if they lose that I still think this team is itching to get hot in the playoffs. They just have so many great players.

  • Al