Braves Suffer Another Huge Citi Field Hit

Heyward is a huge loss

Heyward is a huge loss

The Atlanta Braves lost both Jason Heyward and Tim Hudson at Citi Field this season and the good news is that the Braves don’t play any more games there in 2013.

They weren’t just run of the mill, season-ending injuries, either.  Both Jason Heyward and Tim Hudson’s injuries were jaw-dropping, chill you to the bone injuries.  Hudson’s was worse, considering he needed surgery, and will have a long rehab.  But watching live as Jonathan Niese’s fastall went head-hunting on Heyward was downright scary.

How many more players can this Atlanta Braves team lose and keep getting up off the mat?  During the Braves current 20-4 streak, Heyward hit .349 with 24 runs and 15 RBIs.  Since Fredi Gonzalez put Heyward in the lead-off spot, he has been hot as a south Florida tin roof in August.

As good a baseball player as Heyward has turned out to be, and considering that he would probably have made one helluva defensive end or tight end with his size and speed, I think his best career could have been boxing.  After taking a 90-mile per hour fastball in the jaw, it was amazing that he got up as quick as he did and walked relatively normal to the dugout.  Granted, trainer Jeff Porter was there to steady him, but the dude showed incredible toughness.

The report on Heyward is 4-6 weeks, so that would mean he could potentially return for the playoffs, but I’m guessing it is very doubtful.  He won’t be able to do much with that broken jaw, and that isn’t an area where you want to mess around.   The jaw/ear area is very delicate and can result in eyesight/vertigo problems if not healed properly.

  • Lee

    This is really a sad day for Braves fans. Heyward has become the heart of this team. His powerful lead-off bat, speed, & golden glove is going to be greatly missed for the remainder of the season, and into the playoffs. Wishing you well Jason.

    • Jim Hart

      Real sad, Lee. Was watching it live and found it very uncomfortable to watch. It could have been a lot worse, I guess. But from the time Jason got hit to the time he got up was agonizing.

      • C.J. Smith

        Yeh it was really a scary scene. Really going to miss his bat in the lineup. At least B.J. will be able to get some at bats in and maybe get things going before the playoffs roll around. Even if Heyward is back for the playoffs, he will still be a month 1/2 removed from hitting ML pitching. Going to be tough come playoff time

        • Jim Hart

          Will all the injuries, the margin of error is now officially zero.

  • rogerheld

    Seems to me that Heyward had taken over as emotional leader after Hudson went down. Besides his offense and defense, that’s important too. And now it looks like Beachy is heading toward Dr. Andrews. I hope Maholm pitches well. Sure would be nice if Gattis or Terdo caught fire.

    • Jim Hart

      Roger, definitely need some of the players who are healthy to step up. Maybe B.J.?