Braves Trending Up, MLB Down

Atlanta Braves Caps

Atlanta Braves Snap Back (Photo credit: GlobalGoodGroup)

The Atlanta Braves are not only having a very good season on the field, they are also showing out well at the gate.  The Braves attendance is up 2,066 fans per game this season over 2012. That places the Braves fourth in the National League behind Washington, Los Angeles and Cincinnati, in attendance increase.

The Toronto Blue Jays are the surprising major league leader in attendance increase.  They are up 4,790 over last season and are followed by Baltimore, Washington, the Los Angeles Dodgers, Cincinnati, Oakland, Atlanta, San Diego, Colorado and St. Louis.

The team with the biggest drop in attendance this season is the Miami Marlins.  They are down a whopping 11,026 fans per game.

Despite being seventh in 2013 attendance increase, Atlanta is still middle of the pack when it comes to overall attendance.  The Braves are averaging 32,027 fans per game this season.  That number places the Braves thirteenth in the major leagues and eighth in the National League.

The Braves are also doing very well this season in TV ratings.  The AJC is reporting that the Braves ratings on Fox Sports South and Sports South in Atlanta, are up 17.9% this season, compared to last season, at the All-Star break.  Last  season’s ratings showed the Braves with a 3.52 rating through 56 games compared to this season’s 4.15 rating through 87 games.

Major League Baseball is not enjoying the same popularity increase this season as the Braves.  Overall major league attendance is down a staggering 1,522,817 this season.  That averages out to 1,077 less fans are going through the turnstiles per game this season compared to last season.