Chipper Jones Has Arrived at Braves Spring Camp

Larry Wayne Jones

Chipper Jones was a fixture at the past 19 Braves spring trainings

Chipper Jones has arrived at the Braves complex in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, and will participate in tomorrow’s afternoon workout session.  Jones has been a fixture at the Braves last 19 spring camps, so having him around the practices will add a sense of normalcy.

Jones isn’t the first former player to visit the Braves camp.  Hammerin’ Hank Aaron was there this past Thursday, and Fred McGriff has made an appearance.  A few other former Braves are expected to make appearances as well.

But Jones is the former player who draws the most attention, and is the one who we most want to hear speak.  Not only are his wonderful accomplishments on the field still burned into our memories, but we want to hear what he thinks about this season’s roster, and the newly acquired players.

There’s also another reason we want to hear from Chipper.  Maybe in the back of our minds we fantasize that Chipper will get to spring camp, swing at a few in the cage, take a few grounders at third, and tell us that it was all a mistake.  That he was too hasty in retiring and would like to come back.  That when he looks at all the talent on the current roster, he’d like to take one more shot at getting another ring.  That despite his millions and wonderful life, that he absolutely can’t live without baseball.

Could it happen?  Well…no.  But spring training is like the lottery, you buy a ticket and dream.

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