Craig Kimbrell Off to Great Start in 2013

Craig Kimbrell Golf

Craig Kimbrell aced Tim Hudson’s golf tourney

Braves closer Craig Kimbrell is off to a great start in 2013.  He hasn’t taken the diamond yet in an actual game to perform his craft, but nonetheless, Kimbrell received a good omen about the upcoming season.

While playing golf Tuesday morning in Tim Hudson’s charity golf tournament, Kimbrell made a hole-in-one at the challenging ChampionsGate Golf Club outside Orlando.

“Went in on the fly—I dunked it,” Kimbrel said Tuesday. “Second hole we played, 180 yards into the wind. I got lucky.  Good thing it went in because I probably would have four-putted from about two feet away.”

“It would have been a little more spectacular and exciting if I’d known it went in from the tee box,” he said.  “There was a bunker right in front of the hole and the pin was in the front of the green. I hit it and said, man, it looks good.  And Jonny (Venters) said, ‘Man, that does look good.’  And the ball just disappeared.”

“My first instinct was that it went in the bunker.  The last thing I thought would have happened was it went in the hole.  It was exciting. A lot of fun.”

Normally a golfer who makes a hole-in-one has to buy everyone in the bar a drink.  But once again, luck was on Kimbrell’s side.

“Open bar, because it was at an event,” he said, smiling.  “I bought everybody’s drinks, because it was free.  The guys I was with were ragging on me because it was an open bar.”

Kimbrell plays plenty of golf around Atlanta, but Tuesday’s ace was the first he has ever made.

A hole-in-one is sweet in and of itself, but being able to do it in front of his teammates at Hudson’s tourney, must have made it really special for Kimbrell.

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