Ervin Santana Signed By Atlanta Braves

Ervin Santana

Ervin Santana

The Atlanta Braves have acquired veteran free agent right-handed starter, Ervin Santana, to shore up their injury-depleted rotation.  Santana was signed to a one year contract and will wear number 30.

With starters Kris Medlen and Brandon Beachy‘s futures in doubt due to arm problems, this is a huge acquisition for the Braves.  Along with Julio Teheran and Mike Minor, the Braves will have enough firepower in the rotation as they head into the season.

Santana pitched 211 innings last season for the Royals, striking out 161 and walking 51, in 211 innings.  Santana tied for fourth in the American league with 23 “quality starts” and was eight in the AL with a 1.14 WHIP last season.

The 33-year old Santana owns a 105-90 record in nine major league seasons.   He was originally signed by the Angels and pitched for them his first eight years in the majors.  Santana was an All-Star in 2008 and tossed a no-hitter against the Indians on July 27, 2011.

If there is a question mark about Santana, it is that he has not pitched in the National League in his career. Hopefully he won’t have to “adjust” to the new league a la B.J. Upton.

  • BravesBeliever

    SWEEEEEEEEEET! This is fabulous news!

    • Gotta love it, Believer!

      • BravesBeliever

        Jim, any later word on Medlin? Probably not. I know if there were you’re the first to get it out there. It’s just that, Man! I’m hurting to my soul for Chris, man. What a great kid. I SO hate this, especially if, as it appears may be the case, he’s out for another devastating TJ procedure at the zenith of his career. Sucks so bad. However, the addition of Santana is definitely a huge move. I’m so proud of Wrenn & Co. for finally BELIEVING, “going for it” (as in making moves to seriously contend for the World Series) in a serious way and opening up the pocketbook that the most loyal fans in baseball have been deserving but have not really, seriously had the benefit of in any meaningful way since the days of Ted Turner. VERY encouraging! Great report, by the way, as always, Jim. Damn! Can’t wait for opening day! 😉

        • Beliver, sorry I missed this when you posted. Not only the bad news about Medlen but now Beachy, too. I’m impressed with Frank Wren and the organization also the way they have stepped up. Gonna be a great year!

          • BravesBeliever

            Yeah…heard that too, Jim. Sucks. Oh, well…we’re pretty deep and if we can surprise folks like we did last year, offensively and defensively when all our guys REALLY stepped up all season, it will be a super year. Lookin’ forward to seeing which Santana we get. Any chance we could get Samardja too or is he still on the market? And if so, is he w/in Wrenn’s price point? And what do you think about him as an option. And if not him, who else is still out there? I know the pickin’s are slim but I’m just thinking with all the bump problems we’re having with Medilin, Beachey, Venors coming to the dance late, Minor having health issues, etc. we could probably use another horse in the stable.

  • Mike Crowe

    Good pick up. With Huddy gone it’s good to have a decent vet on this young staff for the year. Should fare well I think.

    • Interesting you mentioned Huddy, Mike. Was thinking how his loss at the time didn’t appear that big of a deal. But he sure would look good in the rotation now.