Braves Loss Only One Game…Right?

Julion Teheran Braves Pitcher

Julio Teheran

The Braves are one game into a 162 game season so you can’t assume much of anything after the Opening Day loss to the Milwaukee Brewers.  But the game did look eerily similar to what we were used to seeing last season when the Braves struggled.  At the very least you can say that not a lot has changed.

The good news is that Julio Teheran pitched well despite not having his good stuff.  His fastball was sitting consistently at 91-92, when he’s got it cranked up it is mid 90s.  Nonetheless, he got ahead of hitters and only gave up two runs. Teheran was poised and looked like a seasoned veteran in front of 45,000+ hostile fans in Milwaukee.

Two of the Braves rookie relievers, Ian Thomas and Gus Schlosser, came in and pitched well.  Schlosser in particular looked good, giving up no hits in 1 2/3 innings.  Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell could probably take a high school pitcher and coach him up to get major league hitters out.  Well maybe not, but you get the point.

Now for the bad news and there is a fair amount when you lose 2-0.  Last season the Braves led the majors in getting shut out.  Yesterday they showed they are fully capable of defending their title.

Yovani Gallado is a very good pitcher and when he has it going, he is hard to hit .  But his career ERA is over 3.70 so hell, somebody is hitting him.  The positive to draw on is that the Braves only struck out 4 times.

Dan Uggla and B.J. Upton went 0 for 8 and the sun set last night and came up again this morning, so what else is new? The talking heads on the post game show were saying that both have a better approach this season and you can tell they worked hard in the off-season.  They pointed out that Uggla hit the ball hard a few times and was hard luck.  $27 million invested in two guys and it has come down to moral victories.

The Nationals beat the Mets 9-7 yesterday, so the Braves are officially 1 game behind already in the NL East.  Here is the million dollar question:  Will they ever lead the division this season?  The question sounds way premature and negative and ridiculous.  But is it really?  The Braves have lost 9 of their last 10 in Milwaukee and head to Washington this weekend with a depleted starting rotation.  Playing from behind this season against Washington is not a good idea.

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  • Eddie Robbins

    “But the game did look eerily similar to what we were used to seeing last season when the Braves struggled”

    Didn’t we win the division? You’re being a little dramatic here.

    • “But the game did look eerily similar to what we were used to seeing last season WHEN THE BRAVES STRUGGLED.”

      Your brain disconnected before the final 4 words. That’s okay, I know it is fun to flame the author… LOL

      • Mike Crowe

        Easy Jim, remember the game face? Too early Man. I’m set on “Cruise.” Saving up for when BJ is hitting .145 at the end of May and the Braves are eight games out.

        • Good thinking, Mike. I will dial back the coffee a bit..

  • dan harvey

    Both Freddie and Simmons hit fouls that were only a few feet from homers. The Brewers also made several real good defensive plays. So, yesterday was a typical baseball game in that a few plays/pitches made all the difference. Hopefully they will come out of Wisconsin 2 and 1.

    • Got a chance to do that today. I am looking forward to seeing how Harang looks.

  • Atl59braves

    Yesterday’s “effort” looked eerily similar to last years. The effort/results from some players always looks the same. It’s the first day of the season and at 54, I’m more excited than any player I saw on the field. If I saw the Braves play with more passion, then maybe I wouldn’t be as worried that this season will mirror last. Yes we won the division but a similar effort won’t get it done this year.

  • NorthAlabamaGM

    One game. I believe the Brewers shut us out 4 of the 6 games last year. Only 161 games to go with hopefully better results!

  • Wayne Canon

    As lackluster as the Braves played yesterday…if you squint and have a very powerful microscope there were a few items that were marginally encouraging. First and foremost, Uggla hit a ball to right field. I don’t think I have ever seen him hit one out there. Schlosser pitched exceptionally well. I really like that kid. Ian Thomas is not far behind. Teheran didn’t have his A-game stuff, but kept us in the game.Gattis has a gun for an arm. The pitching staff held the Brew Crew to 2 runs.
    On paper Atlanta should win games when the opponent only scores 2 runs….unfortunately we have to actually play the game on a real field.
    I feel the same way as Atl59braves, there didn’t seem to be very much energy out of the Braves..
    After all the gnashing of teeth and beating of breasts the past few weeks about our pitching staff woes, it was the offense that let us down. BJ has got to get out of the two hole. His swing was exactly the same as last year….with the same results.

    • Atl59braves

      Lackluster is a good way to put it Wayne, and I don’t understand. it’s the first game of the season and if you were ever going to play with passion and excitement it should have been yesterday. BJ’s swing and his approach to hitting looks ecactly the same as last year. I hope Freddy opens his eyes, stops always seeing the glass as half full and realizes where changes need to be made…..and makes them.

      • Wayne Canon

        You’re spot on, Atl59braves. BJ’s swing IS exactly the same as last year and he acts like he doesn’t give a damn. That’s what bothers me the most.
        And what the heck did Freddi see in spring training that made him think BJ would be a great #2 hitter? That glass isn’t half full…it’s totally empty. I don’t care how much they paid for him, you don’t need to make things worse by starting him. As the saying goes: When you’re in a hole, the first thing to do is quit digging.
        Didn’t Heyward play pretty good in center at one point? Does our farm system have a prospect who could be a power hitting right fielder?

    • The offense won’t be able to fumble around while the pitching staff does all the heavy lifting. This starting rotation is going to give up runs until it gains some semblance of healthy and the offense needs to carry its weight this year. Not in streaks, but on a consistent basis.

      • Wayne Canon

        Jim, I don’t think the present pitching staff at this point is even capable of doing the heavy lifting. Facts are facts, and our pitching staff has been ravaged by injuries. I don’t think anyone with an impartial opinion would rate our staff as anything than “fair”. Any other team in baseball that suffered the injuries to the top of their pitching staff like we did would be in the same or worse shape. Our staff does have a lot of potential but it needs time. During that time, the offense is going to have to ‘man-up’ and give the staff some runs to work with.
        Atlanta needs to score early and often.

  • Lee

    Agree with everything said. Where was Shafer? I thought it would be Shafer against right-handed pitching.

  • Mike Crowe

    As of this post we’re now 1 and 1 – played better today and pitched well again. However, two games in and there are already two things that are, to me, sticking out like a sore thumb – the absence of McCann and Hudson. I think these kids had better grow up quick. Somebody needs to take a leadership role and step into it now. I get no “feel” of there being any veteran leadership here, and that includes Fredi G.

    • Was a couple homers the kind of leadership you were talking about? Nice gave by Double F.

      • Mike Crowe

        I certainly hope so. He’s the guy with the most talent. Too easy a question to ask after a big win in April though. Ask me again at the Allstar break, or after a five game losing streak.