Julio Teheran: Best Braves News This Spring

Julion Teheran Braves Pitcher

Julio Teheran has pitched lights out this spring

There’s been many feel good stories coming out of the Braves spring camp, but starter Julio Teheran’s performance may be the best news of all.  Teheran has appeared in four games and not only has he been effective, he has dominated.

That is very good news for the Braves, as the effectiveness of that number five-spot in the rotation in 2013 may be the difference between finishing second in the Eastern Division of the National League, and winning the division.

The Braves have four solid starters in Hudson, Medlen, Maholm and Minor; and the hopes are that Teheran will not only win the number five-spot in the rotation, but that he will pitch like the guy who Baseball America the past few years has hyped as one of the top young pitching prospects in baseball.

Not only has Teheran been very effective, there has been very good news that doesn’t show up on the stat sheet.  Teheran’s fastball has been clocked in the low to mid 90s. Last season at AAA Gwinnett, Teheran was throwing in the high 80s to low 90s.

The increased velocity helps set up Teheran’s sinking fastball, curve ball and change-up.

I expect Julio Teheran to be a top contender for the National League Rookie of the Year award in 2013.

  • Bob Long

    ROY? Isn’t that a tall order?

  • http://atlantabullpen.com Jim Hart

    Cy Young would be a tall order but with Teheran’s talent I think ROY is legit.

  • Bob Long

    Sometimes the most talented are among the ones most likely to struggle. For examples, all we have to do is look at Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz. None of their rookie seasons were notewothy and all 3 should go to the Hall of Fame very soon.

    • http://atlantabullpen.com Jim Hart

      That’s true and you can say it about all the rookies heading into this season. But somebody has to win the award and Teheran is as talented as any rookie heading into the 2013 season. For every Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz there are other Hall of Famers that had great rookie seasons.

      Why would Teheran be more likely to struggle than any other rookie? Using your logic, the Braves should put a less talented rookie into the #5 rotation spot if they want more production. Gilmartin, or do you have someone else in mind?
      Lets keep this topic in mind as the season proceeds and probably needle each other depending on how Teheran performs. 😉

  • Bob Long

    Your presumption of my “logic” is flawed in that I never said that Teheran would not be productive.
    It is easier for a position player to win the ROY. If, for example, Travis D’Arnaud is called to the bigs due to injury, and has the offensive season that most predict, he would win the ROY simply because he played every day instead of 1/5 of the season as a starting pitcher would.
    Since 1990, only 4 pitchers have won the ROY, Kimbrel being the last. A rookie starting pitcher must not only be productive, he must be the best rookie starter and the most productive (or outstanding) rookie in the league. Any outstanding rookie could easily beat out Teheran if he is a position player, despite an equal WAR.
    Hideo Nomo may be the exception to the rule, back in 1995, but a productive rookie does not always equal a ROY candidate.
    I hope that I am wrong and that Teheran wins ROY and numerous Cy Young Awards. I do not predict ROY, at this time, though. Maybe in June, I will offer a mea culpa.

  • http://atlantabullpen.com Jim Hart

    Your logic is sound. I’m looking forward to seeing Teheran starting 25+ times this season.

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