Kris Medlen Rides Placid Waters

Medlen Braves Starter

Medlen upped his record to 2-6 against the Pirates Monday night

Atlanta Braves starter Kris Medlen was relaxed and upbeat after he garnered his second win of the season Monday night against the Pittsburgh Pirates, 7-2.  But nothing new there, win or lose, Medlen’s demeanor is always about the same.

The pitcher who has been compared to Greg Maddux on the field, rides the same placid waters as the mellow Maddux did when off the field.

Last season when Medlen’s win streak extended to 23 games, he didn’t get all chest-pumping excited.  He took the long, record-setting win streak in stride.

Conversely, he wasn’t down when he got smoked in the back of the leg, and had to leave his last start against the Toronto Blue Jays after only two innings.  Or when his record stretched to a disappointing 1-6, more poor run support from the offense, than poor pitching, as his 3.48 ERA entering Monday’s game against the Pirates attests.

Medlen keeps things simple, and that basic approach allows him to stay on an even keel.  He talked about his simple approach when asked about finally getting a win, “It has been a while, but I always try to keep our team in the game, and I always try to keep it as close as I can,” he said.  “With our offense, we are an explosive style offense as you saw today.  Keep it close and we can win it with a two or three run homer.”

Perhaps using some power of positive thinking, is Medlen’s secret.  He woke up before yesterday’s game with a simple thought.

“It was one of those days I woke up and just told myself, you’re going to do good today and everything is going to click,” Medlen explained.  “For the most part it did.”

Oh yeah, Medlen’s pitching line for the game.  He pitched seven innings and gave up only one unearned run on seven hits, while striking out six and walking none.