Lifeless Braves Skunked By Brewers Again

Nothing going on with the Braves bats

Nothing going on with the Braves bats

The Atlanta Braves lost their ninth straight at Miller Park, as they were shut out 2-0 by the Brewers on Saturday.  Coupled with Friday night’s shutout against Milwaukee, this was the first time in over a year the Braves were shut out in back-to-back games.

The Braves once again failed to get any run support for their starting pitcher.  Tim Hudson was good on the mound, but got nothing to work with.  Hudson pitched 7 innings, 2 ER, 4 BB (1 intentional), and 4 K’s.  His line does not do justice to how much pitching he had to do in pressure situations.  In his 6 innings, the Brewers had runners on in each inning except for the 1st.

Former Brave, Juan Francisco, singled to left center, knocking in Aramis Ramirez.  That run got the scoring started and gave the Brewers a 1-0 lead in the 4th.

In the 5th inning, Ramirez knocked home a run of his own, as he singled to left center field.  Norichika Aoki, the Brewers lead off man, came into score and increased the Brewers lead to 2-0.

That was the only runs that would be scored on Saturday.

Nothing going on with the Braves bats

Nothing going on with the Braves bats

The Braves continued to struggle offensively.  After registering only 2 hits on Friday, they were only able to manage 4 hits on Saturday afternoon.

Andrelton Simmons and B.J Upton were the only Braves players to record hits during the game.  Simmons was 2-4, while Upton was 2-3.

After Simmons singled off the wall in the 9th, the Braves were able to bring the tying run to the plate with 1 out.  Jason Heyward lined out, and then Freddie Freeman struck out to end the game.

The Braves have not scored since the 3rd inning of Thursday’s game against the Mets.  That is 24 straight innings without the Braves scoring a single run.

I would not be surprised if we see Fredi Gonzalez change things up tomorrow afternoon to see if they can get something going offensively.

The Nationals got beat 7-1 at the hands of the Rockies, so the Braves still have a 5-game lead in the division.  The lead is just going to continue to evaporate if they do not start scoring some runs.

  • Darrell

    Fredi G needs to be shaken out of the organization. The players have to motivated and he is not getting it done

    • Mike Crowe

      All of this positive spin – “I’m not worried about all the strikeouts” … “No, no pressure, this isn’t game 162,” and, “This is just baseball. We’ve hit before, we’ll hit again,” is wearing a little thin these days. It’s late June and the Braves have been shut out some dozen or so times and squandered a chance to put some serious distance between themselves and the Nats/Phils by sloppy defensive play and dead bats. Contact hitters. The Braves need to replace the deadwood at second base, center field and right field with somebody who can just make contact with the ball and give it a chance to find a hole, and these can be found in their own minor league organiation, at least until some sort of trade is made. Add two more to the trading blocks – Gonzalez and Wren. I tire of seeing this good pitching rotation go to waste.

      • Jim Hart

        Mike, I understand your frustration. Wonder if the same players would be playing if Washington was playing great baseball like everybody expected.

        • Mike Crowe

          Good question Jim. And if Freddi were asked that question you would likely just get another PC spin for an answer. You know, these games in June count don’t they? I always felt Bobby Cox did all he could to win a ballgame. He saw the big picture and had the next game to think about but he usually had, at least in my opinion, the right team on the field. Either the brass upstairs now are playing head games, working out senerios we know nothing about (building trade stock etc.), or these folks are just clueless. Okay, I’m a broken record and the Braves are five games up, and I have the audacity to suggest Jordan S should have BJ’s job. ….. Wait, didn’t Jordan S play today? Wasn’t he 4 for 5 with a homer? Didn’t the Braves win? Of all the audacity.

    • Jim Hart

      Darrell, I like Fredi but I think his time is running short on playing the big money guys who aren’t hitting.

  • shamedfan

    FG already said “”We’ll keep juggling,” Gonzalez said. “It will be 61 tomorrow. I guarantee you.” after he was asked about the 60 different lineups he has used.