Will Braves Leave B.J. Upton Off Playoff Roster?

Braves center fielder B.J. Upton

Will B.J. make the Braves playoff roster?

In six weeks the Atlanta Braves will enter the playoffs,and like every other team in the postseason, they will have a 25-man roster.  If they want to win the World Series, they will need to put their best 25 players on that playoff roster.  Is B.J. Upton one of the Bravest 25 best players this season?

The postseason is not a marathon like the regular season, it is a sprint.  One false move and it can cost a team their chance to bring home a World Series championship.  There’s no trophies handed out for what a player’s bubble gun card looks like, how much potential he has, or how much money he makes.  The absolutely only thing that matters is production.

B.J. Upton still has time to turn his season around, but my guess is that he won’t.  Even if he improves significantly, the fact of the matter is that Jordan Schafer and Reed Johnson (if get returns to 100% health) are both playing very good baseball this season and deserve to platoon in center field.  This season at least, they are both better than B.J. Upton.

If Fredi Gonzalez puts his best players on the field, the best players in center field are Jordan Schafer against right-handed pitching and Reed Johnson against lefties.  If he wants more power in the line-up, he will put Gattis in left, Justin Upton in right and Jason Heyward in center.

So it comes down to whether or not B.J. Upton deserves a spot on the bench for the playoffs.  My guess is that Fredi will go with 12 pitchers in the playoffs.  With that thought in mind, who are the five best players to have on the bench?

If you start Schafer in center, then the five bench players you choose come from the pool of  Laird, Gattis, R. Johnson, Terdoslavich, Janish, and Upton.  Laird, Gattis and Reed Johnson are shoo-ins, so it comes down to Terdoslavich, Janish and Upton for the last two postseason slots.

You need a fifth infielder, so that makes Janish an automatic choice.  So the final posteason roster spot comes down to whether or not you keep B.J. Upton or Joey Terdoslavich.  What do you think the Braves will do?

  • C.J. Smith

    My thoughts would be they keep Upton on the roster and leave Terdoslavich off of it. Though he has been struggling, Upton has playoff experience and Terdoslavich has hardly any regular season experience. That’s my thought, but it will be interesting to see what Fredi does.

  • JuanFranFan

    If it comes down to Bupton or Terdo, Bupton will make the roster for obvious though not necessarily legitimate reasons.

  • Keith

    The highest-paid player in franchise history is not going to be left off the playoff roster in the first year of his five-year deal. Plain and simple. This isn’t fantasy baseball. There’s more in play here than statistics.

  • Bronkelliott

    There is no sandlot ending to this story. BJ will be kept deserving or not. Freddie does not call the shots completely. He has been awful and a laughingstock. But this is the history of the Braves. The drama never ends

  • ler

    my hope is they leave him off but i doubt it

  • Hardball News

    Your logic is sound, but Keith got it right too. I think he’ll be on the roster, deserving or not.

  • Lee

    After todays injury to Jason Heyward, the scenario might change. With that said, BJ Upton does not deserve to be on the bench for the playoffs. However, Keith is absolutely correct. It would be an embarrassment to the franchise, if their highest paid player in history isn’t on the roster. I just hope that he stays on the bench, unless absolutely necessary.

  • Gene


    • Where you get 9 from, Gene? 12 pitchers, 8 position starters, 5 bench players = 25.

  • rogerheld

    Moot point now unfortunately. It’s hard to believe this is best team in the league with damn near a third of the roster not only injured but basically out for the season. Justin has back spasms. Soon, like after the break, the Braves will be playing the Gwinnett outfield. Not sure why you would keep Janish vs. BJ. If the major league infielders can’t play a full nine innings, they’re not earning their pay. Besides, Gosslin looks better than Janish. I don’t think Shafer is at full speed yet (foot). And no one else besides Freeman, Heyward and sometimes Johnson have been really hot. Gattis has been mediocre since the break. McCann is up and down. I think the best we can hope for is perfect vision from Uggla’s Lasik and he gets hot the rest of the year. That and a lot of good pitching.
    Can you imagine how good this team would be without the injuries???????

    • Gonna be amazing next year of the Braves can somehow have a healthy season, Roger! Lets just hope there are no more injuries this year. The margin of error is close to zero now.

      You really do need a defensive replacement for Chris Johnson and one for Uggla wouldn’t be bad either, but that would be a luxury. You can’t go into the postseason with only two middle infielders, that would be suicide.

  • rogerheld

    Hey. I see the Giants just put Jeff Francoer on release waivers. Our prayers have been answered…………………. [it’s a joke……….]

  • mike

    If Gonzalez is a true manager then B J has to be benched. It’s a no-brainer, but if the front office runs the show, they won’t admit that BJ was a HUGE mistake and will require that he be included. Wait and see……….

  • Larry Warner

    BJ doesnt deserve to be at AAA

  • Larry Warner

    How can BJ sleep at night and keep taking the money and playing like a doubleAA turd?

  • Larry Warner

    Rome for BJ

  • David Mahan

    B.J. and Dan need to be let off Dan is hitting 065 in his last 10 and his average is 184. B.J is 185. Neither have earned a shot on the 25 man roster,. Both were picked up for too mu money and both want to pull everything.