Braves Stuck in the Middle

The Atlanta Braves are a surprising team so far this season, hanging around the .500 mark and avoiding long losing streaks.  Being at the .500 mark isn’t enough to pound your chest and let off primal screams, but compared to what the Braves were predicted to be this season, it’s not bad.  If management hadn’t […]

Christian Bethancourt Questions

Christian Bethancourt is a real key this season if the Braves are going to have a good year. Despite his promise performance at the major league level last season, he is still a question mark. Bethancourt has been criticized in the past for not playing with full intensity, but his approach in Atlanta last season […]

Will Freddie Freeman Have Protection?

When you think of the term “having protection” it usually means carrying a handgun or in the case of a celebrity, having a bodyguard. Both are simple to obtain, all it takes is a phone call and a credit card. Freddie Freeman may have both, I have no idea, that is his business. But what […]

Braves Farm System: Top Prospects

Spring Training is finally here. While we are getting ready for opening day, a lot of young players are getting ready to showcase their talents in front of big league clubs. With the excitement of baseball season comes the excitement of young players refining their skills in the minor leagues. Through this article, I’m going […]

Braves Minor League Report July 6-12

It was a big turn of events from the last two weeks of covering the Atlanta Braves Minor League action.  After recent struggles, none of the Braves farms teams had a losing record this week.  A couple of them had big weeks and got back into their division races.  The teams combined to go 17-11 […]

Atlanta Braves Minor League Report 6-22 to 6-28

One question that I have been asked a lot since starting the cover the minor leagues for Atlanta Bullpen is, “What’s more important in the minors? Winning or development?”.  To that I have no set answer.  I do believe that development is the #1 point of having minor league teams.  However, each player on the […]

Braves Mid-Season Top 20 Prospects

This is not’s Atlanta Braves prospect list. This is my own list that I have compiled after watching Braves minor league games and keeping stats halfway through the season. I will put the # that had them ranked preseason beside each pick, so you can see where these young Braves minor league players […]

Braves Add Players to Their 40-Man Roster

The Atlanta Braves have added catcher Christian Bethancourt and pitchers Zeke Spruill, David Hale, Aaron Northcraft and Cory Rasmus to their 40-man roster, protecting them from the December 6 Rule 5 draft. Tuesday is the deadline for major league teams to solidify their 40-man rosters for the December 6 Rule 5 draft.  Unprotected players will […]