Will Braves Fans Embarrass Atlanta Again?

Simmons Kimbrel

Will Braves fans show up for the first round games?

When the Atlanta Braves started their long run of excellence in the early ’90s, Braves fans just couldn’t get enough. Season ticket sales soared and playoff tickets were at a premium.

I remember the World Series in 1991, when Braves fans felt lucky if they could find a scalped ticket for under $1,000. I’ve never been around a team that had the hysteria surrounding it like the ’91 Braves.  Without a doubt, that 1991 World Series was the toughest ticket that the city of Atlanta has ever seen, and probably ever will see.

The Braves remained a very tough playoff ticket though the mid ’90s, but then a funny thing started happening.  Fans became bored with the early playoff rounds, and a fair amount of empty seats started showing up.  This resulted in the local and national media sprinkling a heavy dose of criticism on Braves fans and the city of Atlanta.

It was in that time frame that the city of Atlanta started getting the rap as a lousy sports town.  After all, here the Braves were a perennial winner, a class organization, and fans weren’t bothering to show up for PLAYOFF games.  It was a major embarrassment for the city of Atlanta.

So what will happen this October?  Will Braves fans show out in this year’s playoffs, or will they give the media more fodder to dump on Atlanta?

Looking at tickets available for the NLDS on the Braves website, it appears that a fair amount of season ticket holders did not exercise their option to buy playoff tickets before this past Wednesday’s deadline.  The first game in the NLDS is still several weeks away, so perhaps Braves fans will step up and open their wallets.  But the bottom line at the moment is that there is still a LOT of tickets available.

  • Brian Deiters

    Atlanta Braves fans will rise up this year!!! This is the most excited we’ve been in a long time. We just need to get back to a completely healthy state. Pretty surprising what we’ve done with so many injuries thus far!!! #RISEUP

    • First division championship since 2005, so hopefully that does stimulate the masses.

  • SS


    I have been a Braves fan forever and I watch “every” game. I am not embarrassed by the fact that the Braves don’t sell out the playoffs but so many championships and only 1 title is a bit hard to swallow. To be honest I am more embarrassed by the fact that the city of the south built a rail system that doesn’t go to any of the major league stadiums so getting to game or better yet getting out after the game is a 4 hour (2+2) major headache. Give me my chair my cold drink, my popcorn and my favorite team and I am in Braves heaven. Watch out though I yell and scream at the TV just like I was at the game….


    • thetruth!

      Thats ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! And dont forget about the fact that the stadiums are in areas the trains dont even want to go!!! They need to clean out the city first

      • Yes, you have to pay attention when you are at games in Atlanta. Particularly night games.

    • SS, boy are you ever right about the rail system and getting to and from the games. It has become very inconvenient for fans to attend games unless they learn the ins and outs and how to attend. I love watching on TV too, but there’s nothing like being there.

  • Jason

    I am driving 8 hours from Missouri to watch game 1 of the NLDS, fans will be out in force. This will be the 2nd time this year I have made the trek to Atlanta and I could not be more excited

    • Jason, you are a contender for fan of the year!!

  • BravesBeliever

    Jim- great observations…again! Sorry to be off topic; however, I heard something the other night in a Braves broadcast about if the Braves want to select/trade for or otherwise acquire another player from another team, they put out a bid on him and can only get him after all other teams have “passed on” him. I know this is not the exact rule and it is very inartfully stated here; however, hopefully you will get the gist of it and can enlighten some of us who are not as familiar with the rules regarding trades this time of year. I think it is an atrocious rule and the actual rule should be that the teams with the biggest payroll should not be able to select players until smaller market teams pass on them and only then if their offer for them exceeds that of a smaller market team ON A PRO RATA, PAYROLL EQUITY PARITY-BASED FORMULA. Something has to be done to bring some parity back to the game to prevent large market, huge payroll teams from buying division wins and Series championships. The Dodgers have particularly gotten out of hand with their purchases, some of which are even just to “block” other teams from getting a player they genuinely need. Our game should not be one dictated by the size of the payroll but, rather, the ability of the teams based on a high degree of parity and fairness!

  • Jack

    I have lived in Montana since 1967 – being transplanted from my beloved state by the US Air Force. I joined to see the world and never got out of Montana…..but that’s neither here nor there….what bugs me is how the people of my home state can be so reluctant to support those Atlanta Braves….here I sit so far away longing to attend those games and not being able to due to finances of course. If any one of you have some tickets for the playoffs and a private jet that would get me to the game I would love to go. People you have a great product please support it for thos of us who cannot.

    • Ryno Lascavio

      Fact is Jack, Atlanta is a great city. We have a lot of things to do besides baseball (unlike Montana). Georgia is also a “football first” state and the playoffs are going on during the beginning of the college and pro football seasons. Also, for some unknown reason, MARTA (or local transport) does not go to Turner Field. It goes just about everywhere else in Atlanta but Turner field, dont know why. Another thing is where the stadium is in the city. Atlanta is a “suburb city” where most fans do not live in the county where the Stadium is. The three biggest counties outside of Atlanta are on the opposite side of the city. If Ted Turner would have built Turner field in Doraville they would have a lot more people showing up for games every night. But instead they put it on the opposite side of the city because the land was cheaper, of course the crime is higher. Im sure their was some BS affirmative action politics in there too. Most people move to the suburbs to avoid the crime in the city. They dont want to walk the city streets of Atlanta with their 6 and 8 year olds to see a ball game.

      • Jack

        Totally understand Ryno! What I wanted to try and get across is you folks in the Atlanta area are blessed with having options – we however must sit and dream of those choices! Be happy you have them and do your best to support them. Also I must admit if I lived in the area I would probably have to decide which would I buy; season tickets for the Braves or Falcons. Option would be get both but then I would have to work more jobs to pay for them and of course would be unable to see them because I am working!!!! Love the state and the city but sure do miss being able to attend those games when I want. At least I have been able to attend 4 Braves games and someday hope to attend a Falcons game. Good Lord willing.

  • Bill

    As if there was ever any question. THE worst sports town in the US proved once again they suck. And the lame excuse that you have so much to do and can’t be bothered with attending is a lie. NYC, Boston Philly, LA all have plenty of options but still manage to pack playoff games. Suck it